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Pomegranate seed oil Cas No.: 84961-57-9

Hedong, Chengdu, China, Earth       2022/05/24
Pomegranate seed oil is refined from selected pomegranate seeds by pure physical means. The oil contains 6 kinds of essential fatty acid, which includes punicic acids, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and etc. Among them, the punicic acid takes 86%. The punicic acid is a kind of highly unsaturated fatty acid.

It is an idea edible oil for people who is short of Omega-3 type unsaturated fatty acid. Punicic acid also has strong ability of oxidation resistance. It can effectively eliminate the inflammation and prevent the damage effect of oxygen-derived free radicals to human body. Moreover, the oil can prevent desease of atherosclerosis and slow down the progress of cancerization. Therefore, the oil is named as "cancer extinguisher". Currently, the oil has wide application prospects in medicines and health protection, foods and cosmetics industry.

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