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Grape Seed Oil Cas No.: 85594-37-2;8024-22-4

Hedong, Chengdu, China, Earth       2022/05/24
Product Intro:
1. Product Name: Grape Seed Oil

2. Product Property:

Grape Seed Oil is a kind of clear and transparent light yellow oily liquid, without foreign flavor and slightly soluble in ethanol.

3. Product Efficacies:

Grape Seed Oil, made from grape seeds, is a sort of highly unsaturated natural oil and contains as high as 58-78% fatty acids indispensable to the human body; one fatty acid is linoleic acid with important functional characteristics, like that it can prevent diseases including atherosclerosis, hypertension and high cholesterol, and this acid is also a principal raw material for the human body to synthesize arachidonic acid which, as a main material for the human body to synthesize prostaglandin, can expand blood vessels and prevent thrombosis With a relatively reasonable component structure of fatty acids, the Oil still maintains vitamins and minor elements required by the human body.

Furthermore, RISHON's studies and practices Verity that:
Tests on animal acute toxicity, stored toxicity, sub-acuteness, mutagenesis and teratogenesis show that Grape Seed Oil does not contain noxious and carcinogenic substances so that it can be applied for long term.

Besides reducing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, Grape Seed Oil also can heighten the high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is very favorable to coronary diseases prevention and cure.

Grape Seed Oil also can be used to nourish brain cells and regulate autonomic nerves.
Because with such necessary mineral substances as kalium, sodium, calcium, iron and many vitamins including VA, VD and especially VE in a higher content, Grape Seed Oil can resist aging, enhance Component, blacken the hair, prevent and cure diseases, promote growth and development, as well as increase health level.

5. Application Scope
Grape Seed Oil can be used in drugs, foods and cosmetics, for example, as high-quality nutritional oil for infants and seniors and as top-grade health-care oil for people working high above the ground and for pilots.

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