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Lemon Powder

Hedong, Deyang, Sichuan, Earth       2022/03/26
Lemon Powder is a kind of straw yellow uniform powder, a powder with certain fluidness, natural lemon flavor and taste, and its solution is straw yellow and without extraneous material evidently apparent to the naked eyes.

Lemon, one with the highest medicinal worth in the world, is rich in VC, citric acid, malic acid, high-content sodium elements and low-content kalium elements, for which, it is very salutary to the human body and can be used to prevent cold, stimulate blood generation and resist cancer.

Lemon Powder is made from the raw material, high-quality lemonade bases, with the spray drying process.

Lemon Powder should be stored on backing boards 20cm above the ground of a cool, dry, clean and ventilating warehouse and keep away from strong light. To store these products in the open air or with toxic articles or articles with foreign flavor is prohibited.

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